100 Years 100 Chefs 100 Recipies

How can we celebrate Arizona’s 100th birthday without celebrating the wealth of culinary prowess we have harnessed? Arizona has been known for the five C’s – copper, climate, citrus, cattle and cotton –let’s make it the sixth C’s and add culinary. We have everything from famous James Beard chefs to mom and pop chefs to cook who have helped shape the way people taste our wondrous state.

It’s no surprise tourism is driving force in our gorgeous Grand Canyon State with over 30 million visitors a year we know everybody needs to eat. Arizona chefs for years have tapped into locally grown food; from meat to cheeses, from veggies to citrus and so much more. In Arizona you’ll find people with a passion to make your dining experience just that an experience.

Our three talented and extremely distinguished writers are: Nikki Buchanan, freelance writer for Arizona Highways Magazine and an array of national publications; former food critic for Arizona Republic and Phoenix Magazine, member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, Michelle Laudig, freelance writer for Arizona Republic, Phoenix Magazine and contributing editor at Edible Phoenix; former food critic for Phoenix New Times, and Dawson Fearnow, freelance writer for Scottsdale CVB, Phoenix Magazine, Phoenix New Times, Arizona Republic; former editor-in-chief at Desert Living Today and former editor-in-chief at Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Thank you for your interest in the cookbook, our tribute to the culinary legacy and historic landmarks that have filled our state with flavor for 100 years. And for making a difference in the lives of many as proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to food banks across Arizona.

Restaurants & Chefs

Amuse Bouche – Chef Kiersten Mor

Asylum Restaurant – Chef Richard D. Paisch

Atlas Bistro – Chef Joshua Riesner & Chef Keenan Boswort

Avanti - Chef Angiolo Livi

Barrio Cafe - Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza

Beckett’s Table - Chef Justin Beckett

Binkley’s - Chef Kevin Binkley

Bobby Q - Chef Mark Hittle

Brix - Chef David Smith

Bryan’s Black Mountain BBQ - Chef Bryan Dooley

Cafe Poca Cosa - Chef Suzana Davila

Cafe ZuZu - Chef Chuck Wiley

Canela Bistro - Joy Vargo and John Hall

Carolina’s Mexican Food - Angela hernandez-Brown

Charlie Clark’s Steakhouse - Bill & Tricia Gibson

Check, please! -Market Street Kitchen - Robert McGrath

Christopher’s & Crush Lounge - Chef Christopher Gross

Citizen Public House - Chef Bernie Kantak

Cowboy Ciao - Chef Lester Gonzalez

Dahl and DiLuca - Chef Lisa Dahl

Darbi’s Cafe - Darbi Komzelman

Diablo Burger - Chef Todd Griffith

Durant’s - Carol McElroy

Eddie’s House - Chef Eddie Matney

El Charro Cafe - Carlotta Flores

El Chorro - Chef Charles Kassels

El Matador - Anagnopoulos

El Minuto Cafe - Chef John Chaar

El Molino Mexican Cafe - Richard Carbajal Jr.

El Tovar - Chef Matt McTigue

Elements - Chef Beau MacMillan

Elote Cafe - Chef Jeff Smedstad

Essence Bakery - Chef Eugenia Theodosopoulos

Feast - Doug Levy

FnB - Chef Charleen Badman

Gallo Blanco - Chef Doug Robson

Garden Cafe - Chef Debbie Gwen

Greekfest - Chef Tony Makridis

Heirloom - Chef Michael DeMaria

House of Tricks - Chef Kelly Eugene Fletcher

J&G Steakhouse - Chef Jacques Qualin

Janos and J Bar - Chef Janos Wilder

Joe’s Real BBQ - Chef Joseph Johnston

Josephine’s Modern American Bistro - Owner & Chef Tony Cosentino

La Perla Cafe - Joe Pompa

La Pinata - Chef Peter Bugarin

L’Auberge Restaurant - Chef David Schmidt

Leff-T’s Steakhouse & Grill - Chef Mario Rodriguez

Lerua’s Fine Mexican Foods - Chef Michael Hultquist

Les Gourmettes - Chef Barbara Fenzl

Litchfield’s at Wigwam - Chef Matt McLinn

Los Compadres Mexican - Chef Lucia Valdivia

Los Olivos mexican Patio - Chef Dora Valenzuela

Los Sombreros - Chef Azucena Tovar

Macayo’s Mexican kitchen - Corporate

Malee’s on Main - Chef Deirdre Pain

Manuel’s Mexican Food - Corporate

Mastro’s Restaurants - Suzi Ayers

Molly Butler Lodge - Chef Ruben Irigoyan

Monti’s La Casa Vieja - Chef Albert Hernandez

Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe - Chef Elizabeth J. White

Nobuo at Teeter House - Chef Nobuo Fukuda

NOCA - Chef Matt Taylor

Pepe’s Taco Villa - Lucy and Jose Acosta

Petite Maison - Chef James Porter

Pink Pony - Reed Groban

Pinnacle Peak Patio - Chef “big” Marv Dickson

Pinon Bistro - Chef Donna Fulton

Pizzeria Bianco - Chef Chris Bianco

Posh Restaurant - Chef Josh Hebert

Quiessence - Chef Gregory LaPrad

Rancho Pinot - Chef Chrysa Robertson

Ranchos de Los Caballeros - Chef Alex Kurtz

Razz’s Restaurant - Chef Erasmo Kamnitzer

Rod’s Steakhouse - Lawrence and Stella

Screaming Banshee Pizza - Chef Ulysess Grant

St. Francis Restaurant - Chef Aaron Chamberlin

Sylivia’s La Canasta - Sylivia

T. Cook’s at the Royal Palms - Chef Lee Hillson

Tarbell’s - Chef Mark Tarbell

Tee Pee mexican Food - Arte Killeen

TEXAZ Grill - Chef Steve Freidkin

The Cottage Place - Chef Frank Branham

The Cowboy Club - Chef Chris Dobrowolski

The Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge - Chef Amanda Stine

The Landmark - Chef Derek Hauser

The Manzanita Restaurant - Chef Randy Hale

The Mission - Chef Matt Carter

The Original Garcia’s Las Avenidas - Olivia Garcia

The Peacock Room @ Hassayampa Inn - Chef Jason Perkins

The Rose Restaurant - Chef Billie Jo Nelson

The Stockyards - Chef Michael Shea

Tinderbox Kitchen - Chef Scott Heinonen

Tom’s Tavern & 1929 Grill - Chef Jason Choat

True Food - Chef Michael Stebner

Turquoise Room at La Posoda - Chef John Sharpe

Upward Projects - Craig DeMarco

Velvet Elvis Pizza - Chef Cecilia San Miguel

Vincent on Camelback - Chef Vincent Guerithault

Vitamin T - Chef Aaron May

Vogue Bistro - Chef Aurore de Beauduy

Wright’s at Arizona Biltmore - Chef Todd Sicolo

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